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2018 Ritz Safety Catalog
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Safety Essentials
Arc Flash Protection
Cold Weather Gear
Confined Space
Construction Products
Ergonomic Support
Eye/Face Protection
Facilities Maintenance
Fall Protection
First Aid
Gas Detectors and Meters
Head Protection
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Protective Clothing
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Respiratory Protection
Severe Weather
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Survey, Marking, Skid Tape
Traffic Safety
Water Safety
Welding Safety
3M Products

Safe Products. Sound Advice. Delivered!

You deserve the best safety supplies and protective equipment to keep you safe, help mitigate the risk of a fall or injury and keep you on the job. When we first opened our doors in 1983, there wasn’t a single, cohesive resource that you could rely on for:

  • A 1-stop shop for safety supplies and equipment
  • The training and advice on operating your safety equipment
  • Providing industry and manufacturer backed service and safety equipment repair

It was this personalized approach to safety that has enabled us to grow from a two-person operation in South Florida to one currently consisting of over 175 team members and 13 locations nationwide.

Ritz Nationwide Coverage

Today, more than 50 million U.S. workers utilize PPE. What's more, with the move to a service-oriented economy, you WANT a company who can do more than just sell them safety products. You NEED a supplier who can help you identify the correct product for the application; who offers training and support on the product; and who delivers the value of quality products, excellent service and competitive prices. In short, you DESERVE a partner who can work alongside them to provide solutions to their needs.

Defining Perfection

When there is no other option than to have the right product, at the right price, RIGHT NOW, Ritz Safety is the perfect choice. Stocking the largest selection of safety products in our 12 regional safety supply showrooms, we have the items you require to remain safe. Ritz Safety is your partner in safety.


Servicing over 5,000 customers monthly

96% fill rate on all in-stock products

Next-day, local delivery available


Family owned & operated

Committed employees who believe in the Ritz Safety cause:

  Our Account Executives average five years tenure.

  Our Customer Service Specialists average over three years tenure.

Our Cause

To understand your safety needs.

To recommend the right products & training.

To deliver service exceeding your expectations.

Partner Testimonial

"With their clear focus on high-quality safety products and training... the creation of product catalogs customized for my company's needs and single point of contact customer service, Ritz Safety has proven to be a valuable partner..."

- National Specialty Contracting Company, Ritz Safety Client Since 2006

Ritz Safety is recognized across the country for providing custom safety supply programs & training programs to customer of every size & industry!

Delivering Value

The Key To Our Success: Delivering Value One Customer At A Time

From comfortable and stylish safety wear to efficient and easy-to- use items, safety equipment has experienced an array of changes throughout the years. Our value-added services present monetary value, convenience and expertise in the safety field. Some of our services include:

Expert Consultation

Ritz Safety delivers value in PPE and safety supplies. From on-site safety audits and customized training to strategic procurement programs and regulatory consultation, our sales staff is fully trained on best practices in safety to ensure your company is properly equipped and adequately ready.

Local Specialists

Orders received by 4 p.m. EST on our website will ship same day. Any orders placed by 4pm that are within 30 miles of one of our safety retail locations can be delivered next day via local trucks. Sometimes even next day delivery isn't fast enough! Our safety experts can personally assist you with all of your safety requirements, from selection to product application, so you can get back on the job with minimal delay from any of our 12 regional safety superstores.

Unparalleled Response

Our customer service team includes more safety experts than ever before. Our already impressive response times and consultation capabilities are viewed by as many as some of the industry's best.

National Accounts Program

Client-specific online and print catalogs simplify the ordering process, allowing associates the benefit of pre-approved safety solutions at pre-negotiated pricing. This also provides enterprise-wide safety compliance, eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary costs for your company.

Export Expertise

Ritz Safety is uniquely positioned to meet the safety needs of customers around the globe! Our close proximity to the international ports of Fort Lauderdale and Miami combined with the experience of our in-house export specialists enable us to meet export safety needs, small and large, in a timely manner.

Our Distribution Center in Indianapolis and our Detroit Sales District allows us to easily export to Canada as well.

Whether you need 10 hard hats or 400 pairs of flame-resistant coveralls, we've got you covered. Contact us today to get started!