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Ritz Safety has partnered with one of the largest independent safety lens laboratories in the US to provide prescription safety eyewear through our 100% customized program; introducing Ritz Rx.

Just some of the many benefits of the Ritz Rx Prescription Safety Eyewear Program:

  • Multiple options for both on-site and off-site dispensing programs
  • Consistent service regardless of the off-site providers chosen
  • Much larger frame selection than most prescription safety eyewear providers
  • Absolute compliance with the ANSI Standard change in 2003 involving two prescription safety lens classifications: High Impact and Basic Impact
  • Eligibility records kept for the employer
  • One billing summary statement each month versus individual transaction costs on each prescription filled
  • Payroll deduction forms available for co-pays
  • Complete package programs available for matching set company allowances
  • Order entry restrictions on items not allowed by employer policies (IE: Glass lens materials, dark solid or sunglass tints, over billing the company portions, etc.)
  • Wholesale costs: The industrial end-users participating in the set programs will have access to wholesale pricing (what doctors offices pay before their retail markup) providing a strong cost savings opportunity

Take a moment to complete the Ritz Rx Worksheet found here and fax it back to: (888)748-9723.

View the Ritz Rx programs available.