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Family: 1/4" Rope Ratchet and Hoist System & Hook with 3/8" x 84" Rope

This 1/4" Rope Ratchet has a maximum load limit of 150 lbs. Outer casings are made from glass filled nylon with interior mechanisms of die cast zinc. Ideal for larger sized products such as tying down tarps, securing tents, shelters, camping, hoisting securing items for transport. Product is compatible with 1/4" clip, 1/4" S-hook and 1/4" solid braided rope.

The Hook with 3/8" x 84" rope acts as an additonal spare hoist sysyem

Family: Bags

This equipment bag is a high quality solution for storing your PPE equipment all in one place, includes a shoulder strap.

Family: RTZ500Y

This shoulder split cowhide leather palm glove features a yellow canvas back, knuckle strap and 2.5-inch safety cuff

Family: MED03033-03013

Medique's® Medi-Lyte® provides sodium-, sugar-, and lactose-free relief from heat stress, fatigue, and muscle cramping due to minerals lost to heat and perspiration.

Item ID: GER1501
Provides relief from irritation of non-toxic, nuisance dusts. Effective for pollen, common household dust, cut grass and other nontoxic particles. Adjustable nosepiece for a customized fit. 12 Boxes per case.
Item ID: WES3731577

The Mighty Sonic™ compact horn is ideal anywhere you need signaling power. 100 percent ozone safe. Removable trumpet is unbreakable.

Item ID: KEYDT260
  • 100% Dacron® cloth / polyethylene film with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive combined to provide a quality utility product

  • Consistent tensile strength and even tear in both cross and machine direction and excellent conformability to irregular surfaces. For packaging, wrapping and sealing, binding and bundling, exterminators and general maintenance

  • Sold by the roll

Item ID: RTZ040
The Heavy Gauge Vinyl 50" x 80" Yellow Schooner Poncho is made with 100% PVC, heat-sealed, heavy gauge vinyl with full cut roomy hood and snaps on each side. It comes packaged in a handy tote pouch. One size fits all.
Item ID: RTZV120L

This general purpose, non-rated safety vest is constructed of hi-vis orange, polyester mesh. It features two-inch reflective tape and offers a hook & loop closure.


UltraPro™ Industrial Alkaline C Batteries.  The #1 selling industrial battery among top industrial distributors, these batteries are ideal for all high-drain, frequent use devices and are built to exceed performance expectations.  Packaged in a re-closable container that helps to organize and protect the batteries from damage and short circuiting.  These mercury-free alkaline batteries are guarenteed fresh for 10 years (5 years for 9V); see battery for date-code.

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