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Item ID: INCWT2110

2" x 108' Aisle Marking Tape - Yellow/Black.  Quickly bring attention to any workplace hazard with these comfortable vinyl film tapes with a rubber adhesive marking.  Adheres to most any clean, dry surface making it ideal for use on floors, pipes and equipment and has a smooith, semi-matte surface.

Item ID: COL02588

Features 12/3 gauge cord, a vinyl jacket that resists moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight, reinforced blades help prevent accidental bending or breaking and an outer jacket that won't mark floors or walls.


UltraPro™ Industrial Alkaline C Batteries.  The #1 selling industrial battery among top industrial distributors, these batteries are ideal for all high-drain, frequent use devices and are built to exceed performance expectations.  Packaged in a re-closable container that helps to organize and protect the batteries from damage and short circuiting.  These mercury-free alkaline batteries are guarenteed fresh for 10 years (5 years for 9V); see battery for date-code.

Item ID: STR71500
  • Features the revolutionary C4® LED technology combined with an innovative Streamlight-engineered reflector that provides sharp, focused light that rivals incandescent intensity without giving up the durability and longevity of an LED 

  • The machined aluminum construction and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens makes it incredibly durable

  • Features flap tie closure, providing easy closing 

  • Strong enough to handle the toughest jobs 

  • 32 bags per box

  • Bag Size: 33" x 46"

Item ID: KRYTCS03901
  • Krylon® 20 Oz. Quik-Mark™ Inverted Water Based Marking Paint - Brilliant White - features the Spray-Thru™ cap with a 50% wider opening to accomodate use while wearing work gloves

  • Spray-Thru™ cap with non-clogging spray tip

  • Fast drying, high-solid formula that penetrates and adheres to hot, dry surfaces; ideal for moderate-term markings

  • Sold by the case

Item ID: ESS203

The Classic Center Pull Towel Dispenser provides touchless, high-capacity dispensing. Designed to reduce costs and provide a hygienic hand drying environment, the system takes standard or 2-ply towel rolls with up to 660 towels per roll. Durable plastic impact-resistant construction. Standard or 2-ply towell rolls: SWTGEN203 - Standard 8" x 10" towels, 600 per roll. Sold in cases of 6 rolls. SWTBWK6415 - 2-ply 8" x 10" towels, perforated edges for easy separation, 660 towels per roll. Sold in cases of 6 rolls.

Item ID: KRYTCS03630
Features the Spray-Thru™ cap with a 50 percent wider opening to accommodate use while wearing work gloves, Spray-Thru™ cap with non-clogging spray tip, and a fast drying, high-solid formula that penetrates and adheres to hot, dry surfaces; ideal for moderate-term markings. Sold by the case.
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