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Fall Protection

Falls are among the top workplace injuries that result in time off of work & workers’ comp claims. For employees who work at a height of six feet or more, they are often required to wear some type of fall protection safety equipment to help prevent or lessen the risk of injury related with fall.

Ritz Safety offers a wide array of OSHA approved & ANSI rated fall protection equipment, lanyards, yo-yos, harnesses, anchors, shock absorbers & more. We also provide training classes & seminars to help supervisors & employees with proper fittings, usage & ways to reduce injuries from falls.

With 13 showrooms & distribution centers across the United States, we have the fall protection supplies & equipment you need from leading brands like Miller, MSA, Guardian, Protecta & Honeywell in-stock & ready to ship, most orders ship same day! Bulk pricing available, contact us for details.
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Item ID: DBI1102000
3M DBI Sala®'s Delta™ Vest Style Standard Harness has a ergonomic, no-tangle design that allows the user to don the harness faster and easier due to holding its shape and form and meets the specific performance needs of today's worker without sacrificing comfort, has a stand-up back D-ring, tongue buckle leg straps, Repel™ webbing, Revolver™ vertical torso adjusters, built-in lanyard keepers, an impact indicator, and protected labels, equipped with i-Safe™. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations, ANSI standards and CSA requirements.
Item ID: MIL170039SM

Titan, non-stretch full body harness, with slip-resistant back D-Ring, shoulder pad, tongue buckle legs, quick-connect chest buckle and sub pelvic strap.

Item ID: RTZPC110
Ritz Safety®'s Rebar Caps contain a steel plate, providing additional protection against falls that occur from an angle.
Item ID: DBI1340161
3M Protecta®'s PRO™ 6ft Twin-Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard is designed with a standard snap hook and (2) rebar hooks at each end and a built-in stretch tubular shock absorbing lanyard that helps reduce tripping hazards. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.
Item ID: RTZ8184L
Ritz Safety®'s Heavy-Duty Concrete Anchor Strap with Loop End is constructed of 2in polyester webbing with a breaking strength greater than 5,000 lbs. and is 4ft in length. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.
Item ID: RTZ8185C
Ritz Safety®'s Disposable 4' Concrete Anchor Strap with D-Ring is for temporary anchorage to concrete, by slipping the twist loop over the rebar, then pouring concrete on top of the loop and adjoining nylon sleeve. Once cured, the user has a secure anchorage point that can be cut off when no longer needed, with a breaking strength greater than 5,000 lbs. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.
Item ID: MIL8174
Honeywell Miller®'s 5/8in and 3/4in Premium Rope Grab is designed to be used with 5/8in or 3/4in polyester or nylon rope, makes climbing and temporary terminations fast and easy, and can be paired with either a 3ft or 6ft lanyard, sold separately.
Item ID: MIL8183
Honeywell Miller®'s 6ft Cross-Arm 1-3/4in Polyester Webbing Anchorage with Dual D-Rings is designed for wrapping around beams to form a secure anchor point for lanyards or other connecting devices. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.
Item ID: MILT4507
Honeywell Miller®'s Titan™ II Non-Stretch Harness has hi-viz color webbing for increased safety, a slip-resistant back D-ring with a flexible D-ring pad and side D-rings, oversized ID tags, durable label packs, and easier vertical adjustability that stays in place. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.
Item ID: MIL1700182X
Honeywell Miller®'s HP™ (High-Performance) Construction Harness has new and improved comfort features, including a comfort-touch back D-ring pad, 6in back pad/tool belt and shoulder pads, with side and back D-rings, a back strap that helps prevent wearers from falling out of the harness and pull-free lanyard rings that allow attachment of the lanyard when not in use. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.
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