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Item ID: NOR7902
The 7900 Series Emergency Escape Mouthbit Respirator is the economical solution for use as a "visitor escape device" or to provide to all employees as a safety precaution solution in non-IDLH emergency situations. Designed for emergency use at facilities that may have accidental exposure to chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide or hydrogen sulfide.
Item ID: MMM5N11
Designed for at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols. Not for use in environments containing oily aerosols
Item ID: ALG2000
14" x 16" Reusable storage bags keep equipment contaminant-free and include a zipper for positive closure. Constructed of tough 10-mil poly to hold half or full mask sizes.
Item ID: MMM6700
  • Soft, lightweight, silicone faceseal provides outstanding comfort while the easy-to-adjust, 4-strap suspension offers easy donning. 

  • Optional lens protectors reduce scratching and are sold 25 per pack 

  • Use with 3M™ filters and cartridges accordingly to NIOSH approvals. 

  • Sold individually.  Cartidges & filters sold separately

Item ID: MMM501
Holds 3M™ Particulate Filters 5N11 & 5P71 in place on top of 3M™ Respirators 5000 Series and 3M™ Cartridges 6000 Series
Item ID: MMM6885
  • Faceshield Cover for 6000 Series Reusable Full Face Mask with Large Lens
Item ID: MMM7502
Soft sealing surface, along with a uniquely designed 3MTM Cool FlowTM Exhalation Valve, enhances wearer comfort and face fit. Made from durable silicone and can be used with a variety of 3MTM filters and cartridges. Sold individually. Cartridges & filters sold separately (see page 151). 10 per case.
Item ID: ALG300105
Extra-large 8” x 11” towelettes are perfect for cleaning big jobs such as full face and supplied air respirators.
Item ID: NOR7581P100L

Air-purifying respirators with cartridges provide respiratory protection against gases and vapors. Cartridges with filters remove dust, fibers, and other particles. NIOSH approved when used with Honeywell North® air-purifying half masks and full mask respirators.

Item ID: NOR760008A
Designed to provide respiratory protection from gases, vapors and particulates. This belt-mounted, customizable PAPR utilizes a blower unit to force ambient air through filters/cartridges to remove contaminants, providing clean air to the user. Standard kit features include a multialarm battery life and airflow system setup (audible, visual, vibratory), an 8-hour, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, back-mounted breathing tubes and smart charger. Customize your PAPR Kit by selecting your parts in the four steps below.
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