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Safety Footwear Program

Foot injuries are one of the leading causes for employee lost time accidents and are one of the most preventable injuries on the jobsite. Many companies have employee footwear policies, but their employees simply do not understand the policy or ignore it altogether due to the increased costs associated with it.

So how do you help ensure your employees are following the standards set forth in your company handbook? A Safety Footwear Program from Ritz Safety! Here are just a few of the benefits of the program:

  • Company-wide safety footwear policy compliance
  • Pre-Approved, discounted pricing for all your employees
  • Customized order forms ensuring only pre-approved footwear
    is purchased and worn
  • Top quality products from some of the leading names in work
    footwear like Timberland PRO and Ariat 
  • Assurance that your allocated footwear funds are being used

Take a moment to complete the Safety Footwear Worksheet and fax it back to: 1-888-748-9723. An Account Executive will be in touch with you to further discuss your company’s needs. Or, you can click Contact Us to get in touch with us electronically.

Safety footwear, boots & shoe program from Ritz Safety