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Item ID: RAG50CK

100% cotton rags provide an inexpensive alternative to towels. Available in 25 or 50 lb. box, in assorted colors, and 25 lb. box all in white.


Trash can liners are available in two sizes, for many different applications. RTZGAT40SXH - Medium weight 33 gallon bags. Sold in boxes of 100. ESSECO60SXH - Heavy weight 60 gallon bags. Sold in boxes of 50.

Item ID: GOJ095504
Effectively remove soil and grease with the petroleum-free citrus ingredients in this lotion hand cleaner. Natural Orange with Pumice can be used with or without water to clean-up after using adhesives, asphalt, grease, grime, paint, tar, etc.
Item ID: SWTC422

Scrubs In-A-Bucket® hand cleaner towels are pre-moistened, heavy-duty towel with pumice scrubbing power. Works fast to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease. Deep cleaning scrubbers remove embedded grime easily. Conditions and softens hands. Sold by the bucket of 72 towels.

Item ID: CALR05200253

Red cotton fiber shop towels are well suited to any task. Super absorbent for quick, easy cleanup, yet soft enough to be used on fine surfaces. Machine washable. Feature a hemmed edge to prevent fraying. Sold in bags of 50.


UltraPro™ Industrial Alkaline C Batteries.  The #1 selling industrial battery among top industrial distributors, these batteries are ideal for all high-drain, frequent use devices and are built to exceed performance expectations.  Packaged in a re-closable container that helps to organize and protect the batteries from damage and short circuiting.  These mercury-free alkaline batteries are guarenteed fresh for 10 years (5 years for 9V); see battery for date-code.

  • Features flap tie closure, providing easy closing 

  • Strong enough to handle the toughest jobs 

  • 32 bags per box

  • Bag Size: 33" x 46"

Item ID: ESS203

The Classic Center Pull Towel Dispenser provides touchless, high-capacity dispensing. Designed to reduce costs and provide a hygienic hand drying environment, the system takes standard or 2-ply towel rolls with up to 660 towels per roll. Durable plastic impact-resistant construction. Standard or 2-ply towell rolls: SWTGEN203 - Standard 8" x 10" towels, 600 per roll. Sold in cases of 6 rolls. SWTBWK6415 - 2-ply 8" x 10" towels, perforated edges for easy separation, 660 towels per roll. Sold in cases of 6 rolls.

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