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  • The #1 selling industrial battery among top industrial distributors, these batteries are ideal for all high-drain, frequent use devices and are built to exceed performance expectations

  • Packaged in a re-closable container that helps to organize and protect the batteries from damage and short circuiting

  • These mercury-free alkaline batteries are guarenteed fresh for 10 years; see battery for date-code

Item ID: DOR411061

Powered by six LEDs, this compact signal wand light uses a fluorescent-coated diffuser to enhance red light output. Provides up to 400 hours of use on one set of alkaline batteries.

Item ID: DOR411482

This super bright light with safety cone is an economical solution for your visibility needs. Ideal for traffic control, parking, security and construction.

Item ID: DUR40744

Duracell® Size D CopperTop MN1300BKD Alkaline Batteries.  12 per pack.  

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