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Family: ERG19003

Ergodyne®'s Tool Lanyard Single Carabiner helps keep user's hand tools and light power tools from dropping with a tough aluminum carabiner, stretchable nylon webbing with inner cord, a rugged webbing sleeve, 10 lb. Rating, and can stretch from 35in - 42in to slow tool falls.

Family: 5/8" Rope Lifelines with Single Snap Hook

Rope lifeline with a single snap hook.

Family: Tie Off Adapters
  • Ritz Safety's Web Tie-Off Adapter features dual D-rings, 5,000lbs tensile strength, 1-3/4in polyester webbing and, a full-length 3in wide polyester webbing wear pad for added abrasion resistance.
  • Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.
Item ID: RTZ17D1
  • Ritz Safety's Steel Carabiner with Twist Lock and a 1" gate is plated for lasting durability

  • Has a 400 lb. personnel maximum capacity rating

  • Minimum breakload rating of 5,000 lbs.

  • Gate strength of 3,600 lbs.

  • For personnel use only

Item ID: MEC51638

This 5/16in and 3/8in Wire and Cable Grab can be attached, detached, and positioned at any point on the vertical lifeline, and should be paired with an energy absorber lanyard. (sold separately)

Item ID: RTZ6756RS

Ritz Safety®'s Rebar Chain Positioning Assembly is designed for positioning with a full body harness, has an intermediate swivel, twist chain lock, (2) 3/4in locking snap hooks, (1) 2-1/2in rebar hook and a 30in chain adjuster. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.

Item ID: NIAR100

This 5/8in Economy Trailing Rope Grab is to be used with 5/8in rope only, includes a "panic grip" feature that immediately locks grab to rope when pulled. Rope grab should be paired with a 3ft lanyard (sold separately).

Item ID: MIL496

Honeywell Miller®'s Miller Grip™ 3/4in 5,000 lb. CapacityReusable Anchorage Connector is for use on vertical or overhead applications and is a great solution for anchoring scaffolding, material handling or removal of concrete debris after demolition.

Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.

Item ID: MIL8174

Honeywell Miller®'s 5/8in and 3/4in Premium Rope Grab is designed to be used with 5/8in or 3/4in polyester or nylon rope, makes climbing and temporary terminations fast and easy, and can be paired with either a 3ft or 6ft lanyard, sold separately.

Item ID: RTZ4000

Hinged Style Reusable Roof Anchor is for use on sloped or flat wood or steel roofs and easily installs with (20) nails or screws (depending on roofing application; screws and nails sold separately). Unit may be installed at pitched angles or flat with both plates resting on roof surface in opposite directions.

When attaching to wood truss over sheathing, center row of holes of both sides of this anchor must be secured by 2", #12 wood screws or equal.

Wood roof installation: 3/4" sheathing minimum, the outer row of holes on each side (10 holes per side, 20 holes total) must each be filled with a 16d x #20 nail or equal.

Steel roof installation: Only the inner row of holes on each side (6 holes per side, 12 holes total) must be filled with #12, 3/4" metal screws or equal.

Meets ANSI Z359.1 and OSHA 1910.66 & 1926.502 standards

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