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Family: ISTICUP6-10
  • iCup® is a simple procedure with fast results and a built-in validity test 

  • Features 12-year shelf life, security seal and temperature strip 

  • iCup6 tests for the following: COC, THC, OPI, AMP, mAMP, PCP OX, Ph, Sg 

  • iCup10 tests for the following: COC, THC, OPI, AMP, mAMP, BZO, BAR, OXY, MDMA, PPX 

For professional in vitro diagnostic use only

Item ID: ISTDOA1257019

The EZ Integrated Key Cup provides an efficient approach for an affordable split specimen drug testing solution that provides a quality screening method with up to 99% accuracy. The split specimen format is not only easy to use but is easy to administer for both sexes because of its compact and oval shape front and squared back. The EZ Key Cup 5 Panel drug test cup is a fully integrated, self-contained for detecting drugs and drug metabolites in urine. A leak-proof hinged lid helps to create a more sanitary environment.


iScreen® Breath Alcohol Detector.  Detects various levels of alcohol based on the tube detection level specified.  The tube is squeezed to break the center, and then blown into, causing the crystals to change in color if the alcohol level (BAC) has reached or surpassed the .02 point.  For professional in vitro diagnostic use only.  

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