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Item ID: MED78399
  • This box of coated waterproof matches, 2 inches in length each has a light weight of 0.025 lbs
  • Capable of initiating fires when other flame activators are nowhere to be found
Item ID: ZOL851100110201

Fully automatic ZOLL AED 3 - Color touchscreen LCD display, Real CPR Help®, CPR Uni-padzTM, WiFi enabled. 



Item ID: ZOL890000028001

Use The Same Pads In An Adult Or Child Rescue By Repositioning Pads and Selecting Adult or Child Rescue Mode. Five-Year Installed Life. Provides Full CPR Feedback for Adult Patients.

Item ID: ZOL8000000696

ZOLL AED 3 Disposable Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery. In Stand-by Mode Has an Install Life of Up to Five Years.

Item ID: ZOL8000001250

Standard Carry Case for the ZOLL AED 3,  Can Hold a Backup Set Of CPR Uni-padz III

Item ID: ZOL8000001256

Standard Metal Wall Cabinet 17.5" x 17.5" x 7"

Item ID: ZOL802800000101

The Only AED Training Solution That Provides Real CPR Help, Real-Time Feedback On Compression Quality. The Trainer Will Allow Students To Learn Proper Rate and Depth of CPR Chest Compression In A Training Session.

Item ID: ZOL800800005301

Zoll's AED 3 Travel Trainer with CPR Uni-Padz is the most convenient, mobile and reliable AED device around.  Features durable CPR uni-padz.  This product should be utilized in first-aid related environments and during any emergencies in general industrial safety environments where CPR is needed.


The Powerheart G5, Fully Auto with ICPR, Dual Language AED is the most surperior, powerful and convenient AED device around.  Features include Rescue Ready technology, non-polarized pads, variable escalating energy, a self-test battery check, internal electronics, and pads (for both presence and function) on a daily basis.  Additional features include a weekly test check that checks the software and performs a partial energy charge and a monthly check that checks the internal electronics with a fully energy simulated rescue.  This product should be utilized in general industrial safety and first aid environments.


The AED Unit Semi - Automatic Powerheart® Rescue Pads Contact is the perfect and most superior unit for anyone needing AED rescue pads.  Features non-polarized pads that can be placed on either side of the chest, a simple touch button to change the voice prompts to one of the chosen languages (Latin American, Spanish or French Canadian) without restarting or delaying the rescue, along with a powerful combination of features that help rescuers provide sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims with swift, effective and life-saving therapy.  This product should be utilized in AED Unit applications.  

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