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Item ID: CTX12650
  • EPA registered in all 50 states plus Canada and Mexico 

  • Contains 30% DEET and is effective for 7+ hours against: mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, gnats, red bugs, biting flies, stable flies, black flies and more

Item ID: GEN00067178
  • Alcohol free, non-aerosol, CDC recommended formula that provides long lasting protection against disease carrying insects, with continuous spray and a locking cap
Item ID: CTX91663
SunX 30+ sunscreen vanishes quickly into the skin and won't sting your eyes. The unique formula contains Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E and features UVA/UVB protection, is PABA- and oil-free, non-greasy, and sweat- and water-resistant. Each foil pack contains a single-use dry towelette and lotion packs. FDA compliant.
Item ID: CTX71666

This SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen provides the best sun protection for anyone looking for convenient, soothing sunscreen.  The suncreen vanishes quickly into the skin and will not sting the user's eyes.  Contains Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E and features UVA/UVB protection, is PABA free, oil free, non-greasy, sweat and water-resistant.

Item ID: ARI61011

ARI Bee Bopper II kills wasps and hornets from as far away as 20’. Simply aim the valve at the nest and spray until the nest is soaked. Comes in a 14-oz can.

Item ID: CTX91661
CoreTex SunX 30+ sunscreen vanishes quickly into the skin and won't sting your eyes. Provides UVA/UVB protection, is PABA and oil free, non-greasy, and sweat- & water-resistant.
Item ID: ARI61604

Spray Bug Barrier directly onto your skin to effectively repel mosquitos, fleas, ticks, chiggers and biting flies.

Item ID: CTX12642
BugX30 30% DEET insect repellent is an approved EPA registered formula that reduces the amount of DEET concentration in the repellent whil stil repelling mosquitos, ticks, fleas, chiggers, gnats, red bugs, no-see-ums, sand feas, biting flies, stable flies, black flies and deer flies for 7+ hours. Users experience longer lasting performance due to its water-based formula that allows the DEET to be released in a more controlled adn measured manner. Each single-use towelette is non-greasy, non-staining is water- and sweat-resistant and has very little odor.
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Item ID: CTX83666
Designed to be applied to potential exposure areas 15-20 minutes prior to contact with poison ivy, poison oak and posin sumac. When properly used, it helps to prevent itchy rashes as a result of encountering these plants. Solution lotion dries quickly and is not greasy, sticky or clay-like when applied.
Item ID: KRYS020857
  • Infused with a high amount of petroleum distillates for the best knockdown and kill rate 
  • 98% knockdown, 100% kill within 24 hours of wasps, hornets and yellow jackets
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