Disaster Recovery

CDC Issues Message for Hurricane Michael Cleanup

The CDC recently issued a message for those involved in recovery measures from Hurricane Michael. The document is titled, “Hurricane Key Messages for Employers, Workers and Volunteers.” It covers the potential dangers involved in cleanup work and proper safety precautions, with links at the end of each section to additional resources.

The topics addressed in it include carbon monoxide, chain saw use and tree removal, chemicals, electrical hazards, falls, fire ants, heat stress, mold, portable generators, motor vehicles, fatigue, and even working with livestock and poultry wastewater and sludge.
Fallen Trees are one of the larger nuisances when it comes to post-disaster cleanup. The equipment to remove these large obstacles can sometimes be intimidating for recovery crews – which is why it is a good idea to frequently review the following safety tips:

• Choose the proper size of chain saw to match the job.
• Operate, adjust, and maintain the saw according to manufacturer’s instructions.
• Take extra care in cutting “spring poles” trees or branches that have been bent, twisted, hung up on, or caught under another object during a high wind.
• Be sure that bystanders are at a safe distance from cutting activities.
• Check around the tree or pole for hazards, such as nails, power lines, or cables, before cutting.
• Wear proper protective clothing and glasses.

We recommend a nice pair of chaps, leather gloves, ear protection and hard hats for any falling debris. Having a face shield on hand for larger, projectile shavings isn’t a bad idea either.