Ritz Safety

LAPJTFRWS9GY - FR Jacket with Windshield Technology Gray

FR Jacket with Windshield Technology Gray
  • LAPCO FR Insulated Jackets are made to keep you comfortable in the most inclement cold-weather conditions. These jackets are constructed for long-wear using only the highest quality components.

  • Quality construction, FR compliance features, and the new Windshield laminate duck outer shell envelops you in warmth and safety.

  • Water-repelling - Two (2) water blocking barriers in one outer shell fabric.

    Barrier#1-Water is repelled by the durable water repellent outer shell finish. Barrier#2-Polyurethane (PU) laminate backing of the duck outer shell prevents water penetration through the fabric.

  • Wind-blocking - The PU film works as a wind barrier, preventing cold wind from entering through the outer shell.

  • Wicking - The next-to-skin fabric is smooth, flame-resistant 100% Cotton with moisture management and the PU film has water vapor release capabilities to keep you comfortable and dry.

  • Warmth -  This new outer shell fabric prevents body heat from escaping creating a loft and trapping air to increase insulation against the cold.