What is Ritz Safety's Red Check Advantage?

It's Ritz Safety's way of giving your team a one-up on safety equipment. Keeping a team safe on the job site is a tough, stressful job. Making sure that everyone is equipped with the proper safety gear doesn't have to be. Ritz Safety Advantage gives businesses the peace of mind that their teams are taken care of at an affordable rate.

The Advantage:

  • One-Stop-Shop for Safety Equipment 
  • Discounted Pricing 
  • Custom Ritz Safety Store 
  • Invitations to Safety Training
  • Educated & Experienced Sales Representative 
  • Advice on Safety Best Practices and Equipment 
  • A Partner Who Cares

Safe Products. Sound Advice. Delivered!

Ritz Safety’s mission is to help ensure the safety of your workforce and workplace, by providing high-quality safety supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), along with value-added training, education, and services.  We pride ourselves on being a trusted safety resource for thousands of companies across the US, in dozens of industries.  Bottom line, when it comes to safety, Ritz Safety is here to help.

  • One-stop resource for your PPE, safety supplies, and facility safety needs
  • Training, education, and knowledge on industry standards and proper product use
  • Wide array of value-added services, including product rental & repair
  • Convenient ordering options:  in-store, phone, email or online
  • Customizable products, pricing, and safety programs
  • Over 200,000 industry-leading safety products to choose from
  • 13 locations across the United States, and growing
  • Family owned and run company, since 1983

Delivering Value

The key to our success: delivering value to every customer, every time!

Quality Products, Expert Consultation

Ritz Safety delivers high-quality safety supplies and PPE for our customers.  Beyond the sale, we offer a wide array of value-added services including training, education, audits, and rental/repair program.  Our Ritz Safety pros are trained and stand ready to help you select the right safety products for the application, to ensure your team is ready to tackle the job at hand.

National Coverage, Local Focus

13 locations across the United States and growing, along with a robust online presence.  Regardless of geography or industry when it comes to safety…Ritz Safety has you covered.  Aggressive pricing and delivery timeframes (including same-day ship), convenient ordering options, and more.  From Florida to Oregon, and everywhere in-between Ritz Safety is here to help, and exceed your expectations.

Delivering ROI

Helping you save money within your safety spend is critical.  But it’s not just about providing aggressive pricing (which we do).  Our safety pros can assess current products your teams are using, and recommend comparable, cost-saving alternatives.  Or suggest options that may be more durable, have longer lifespans, or help reduce on-the-job injuries.  Another way our safety programs deliver ROI is by helping our customers ensure enterprise-wide safety compliance for their teams and consistency of products, which mitigates inefficiencies & unnecessary costs for your company.

Customizable Safety

When it comes to safety, every client has differing needs, which is why at Ritz Safety, we adapt our safety solutions to the clients we serve, not the other way around.  Developing customizable products, client-specific online accounts and print collateral, negotiated pricing and incentive programs, and much more.  We’re here to help!

Start Getting An Advantage Today