Ritz Safety offers several programs that go above and beyond supplying safety products and personal protective equipment. A key area we’re highly committed and passionate about, is providing our customers critical safety training, education and product support. 

Knowing how to properly use safety products, conducting surveys and product demonstrations, providing ongoing training and educational seminars and more…all ways that Ritz Safety goes beyond the sale to support our customers.  Stay educated, stay compliant and stay safe.  A sampling of our offerings includes:

  • Fall protection demonstration & training, including competent person
  • Respirator fit test training
  • Eye protection demonstration & training
  • Hand protection glove training & survey
  • Hearing protection training & survey
  • Facility site survey
  • Lockout / Tagout training & survey
  • Confined space & gas monitoring seminars
  • Ergonomic training & development
  • OSHA trainings
  • Forklift safety training
  • CPR, AED & Basic First Aid Training

Please call, visit or contact us today to learn more. 

*Please note the above programs may be completed in conjunction with manufacturer partners and/or 3rd party companies.  Some may require applicable fees to participate, contact us to learn more.


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