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6' Dual Retractable with Metal Rebar Hooks

10 Pocket Leather
Nail and Tool Pouch

Blackline Safety G7c Multi-Gas Detector

25 ft. Fall Protection 
Roofer Kit

Class 2 High Visibility Surveyor Vest



Ritz Safety

Ritz Safety is the trusted source of personal protective equipment (PPE) & safety supplies in the United States. As a family owned business since 1983, we've established a tradition of serving businesses with the highest quality safety equipment, expert training, and delivery. Our team proudly serves our customers across a variety of industries, with expert advice, customizable products, and training services.

Ritz provides thousands of critical safety products such as safety gloves, hard hats, eye-wear, hearing protection, flame resistant (FR) apparel, work boots, fall protection, high-visibility clothing/vests, first aid kits, lockout tagout, gas detection, respiratory protection and much more. As a national, highly dependable safety gear distributor, our physical locations include Charlotte (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Cleveland (OH), Dallas (TX), Dayton (OH), Houston (TX), Indianapolis (IN), Jacksonville (FL), Las Vegas (NV), Mobile (AL), Oklahoma City (OK), Paducah (KY), Phoenix (AZ), Pompano Beach (FL), Portland (OR), San Antonio (TX), and Tampa (FL). We look forward to serving you!

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Thousands of high quality safety products from dozens of manufacturers, here to serve and protect your workforce.

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Value-added product training, certifications, educational seminars and more. Keep your workers informed.

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